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About Guelph Wellbeing

Guelph Wellbeing (formerly the Community Wellbeing Initiative) is a project guided by the City of Guelph, a Community Leadership Team and the community that explores how to proactively, efficiently and collaboratively address our community's needs.


The City has partnered with the community on the development of the project. The Leadership Group, chaired by the Mayor, includes City staff and twenty volunteer representatives of Guelph's social service, healthcare, law enforcement, education, youth representatives and large and small business communities.


Guelph is Canada's first municipality to align with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, a pan-Canadian initiative focused on community wellbeing.


Already a catalyst for new partnerships and cross-functional community initiatives, as well as encouraging activities that foster a caring and supportive community, Guelph Wellbeing is attracting local, national and international attention.


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Our Vision

Working together for the best possible quality of life.

The Canadian Index of Wellbeing focuses on eight indicators of community wellbeing: healthy populations, environment, living standards, education, democratic engagement, leisure & culture, time use and community vitality.

We have further refined the eight domains into three themes that are relevant to our community.


  • No one will go hungry.
  • CIW categories: healthy populations, environment, living standards, education, community vitality.


  • Everyone has a safe and affordable place to live.
  • CIW categories: living standards, community vitality.


  • Everyone is connected to their community physically and socially.
  • Everyone will have ease of access to moving around the city: cycling, trails, walking, affordable transit.
  • Everyone will have a sense of belonging and inclusion.
  • CIW categories: healthy populations, environment, living standards, leisure & culture, time use, community vitality.

Guelph Wellbeing is about focusing on quality of life. It enables the City to shift from evaluating success through numbers and economics, and more towards determining success through community wellbeing.

Why Guelph Wellbeing is important

Chair of Guelph Wellbeing, Mayor Karen Farbridge explains why Guelph Wellbeing is important to our community. This video was recorded at the Rotary Club, September 2013. 

There are three Theme Design Team meetings on Connectivity, Housing and Food planned for April. Details will be coming shortly.

There are many exciting ways for everyone to take part. Whether you are from a community group, a school, a business or just a person who lives in Guelph, there is a way for you to get involved in each of the steps of the wellbeing planning process.

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